10 Great Reasons to Choose the Career of a Pharmacist.

09 Jul, 2018|By

Pharmacists practice the health sciences which priory focuses on the harmless and effective use of medications.

Following are ten reasons why one should for being a Pharmacist:

1. Do great deed by helping people recover well

A significant role is played by a pharmacist in helping a patient recover quickly. They improve adherence to medication as they are specialist of it.

2. Direct acquaintance with patients

 Every time is convenient to see a pharmacist that also without an appointment. You as a Pharmacist can also provide other services like BP monitoring, asthma care and another consultancy.

3. Browse through the wide range of Career Breaks

It’s a rewarding career with diverse choices, offering innovation, patient care and scientific research too. Majority of them work for patient counselling and OTC- over-the-counter medication. You can also work in other places like nursing homes, pharmaceutical industries, or for the government.

4. Increasing Demand for Pharmacists

  • The demand for patient services is forever-increasing fact. Now pharmacists can practice way more positions and set with an upgrade to Pharm.D. Degree.
  • A number of prescriptions filled increasing each passing year. Society needs more pharmacists to fulfil this rapidly growing need.
  • Count of medicines increasing every day in the market. A greater choice of prescription is available today than in the past and this cycle would never end. Also, multiple medications are released to treat a specific disease. You can advise patient according to patient’s situation.
  • Elderly patients needing more regular prescribed medicines. The count of aged people is increasing and the need for more proper service too.

5. Get to be more important Healthcare Team member

You will get to work with other professionals to maximize the overall output. Pharmacist’s presence as a full member of hospital rounds of patient care group has proved to reduce costs and prevent wrong medication.

6. Have Job Stability, Flexibility plus Mobility

You can get yourself engaged in any part of the country and have transfers with nil or very little criteria & tests. You can do it on a part-time basis or as a 12hour work. And there never will come the time when people will stop needing a Pharmacist, so better job stability!

7. Be part of Innovations in Medication Courses and Therapy

Developments in pharmacogenomics are seeking the attention of pharmacists every single day. It deals with our body’s response to intaken drugs and pharmacists can use it to deal much better with patients.

8. State-of-the-art Technology

Electronics prescriptions, robotics for prescription & automated dispensing processes are getting better. These enhance efficiency with added patient safety. Prioritizing work, dispensing & spending more time with patients gets much easier.

9. Help to prevent Bioterrorism

You will get educated to recognise symptoms that may be used for biological attack. Pharmacies can serve mass drug distribution and immunization in an emergency.

10. Be a highly respected Citizen

Live with dignity as your profession’s honesty & ethics are highly admired.