How Your Pharmacist can help you.

08 May, 2018|By

A pharmacist often is questioned about his role in hospital setting be it by friends, family members or patients. They quite have a little idea of a pharmacist’s importance and multiple facets of patient care role.

On an average, people do guess the role of the pharmacist is limited exclusively to a medication expert wearing a white coat, sitting in pharmacies to dispense prescriptions and medications. And they do the same sort of thinking for the pharmacist in clinics and hospitals as well.

Well, a pharmacist’s role extends well beyond this and they have significant importance in patient care’s and improvement of health.

Pharmacists ensure proper tracking of Medications

Medication recapitulation i.e. keeping a track of previously prescribed medicine and then comparing it with the newly prescribed one. Patients often keep changing doctors or pharmacies due to uncertainties and pharmacist play the important role of checking their past medication before giving out the new one. Also, prior to the first visit to a doctor or pharmacist, you should keep a list of all medications taken at home ready, so that accurate medication can be prescribed again. Pharmacists also step in to converse with your family members or have a look at your past visits to clinics or pharmacies to ensure your new medications serves you the best way possible. Patients are advised to keep a list of medication previously taken and always present it before their new pharmacy, clinics or hospitals.

Key Member of Clinic or Hospital Care Team

They comprehensively work with nurses and doctors too, to provide added support to the patient’s medical care team. Pharmacist review the medicines, keep track of medication’s effect and recommend if any, better alternative to medications to go for. Continuation or discontinuation of particular medicines and further recommendations are made by a pharmacist which significantly reduces incidents of side-effects.

Also many dose adjustments for your medications which including seizure medications, antibiotics & blood thinners are done by pharmacists. Also when a hospital doctor keeps you (the patient) on intravenous nutritional support, we (pharmacists) make sure the right amount of every nutritional component including requirements needed for calories, protein and mineral requirement and fat intake amount.

This is ought to be a very vital procedure as a pharmacist make sure your body parts get parental nutrition, and just the right amount to drag you back to the healthy days soon. Apart from balanced nutrients requirements suggestions which heals your body faster, we constantly prove ourselves to be an important aspect of a patient care team.

Educating patients and giving them suggestion always comes handy. Also, the proper procedure to take medications and some of the post-meditational habits are also provided by us. Be it a diabetic patient or one suffering from asthma, pharmacist’s advises them healthy habits and proper lifestyle for better care.

Well, this was just a brief preview of how a pharmacist plays a crucial role in getting the patient back to the track of healthy living again. With collaboration with doctors, we always do our best to improve patient’s life.