Custom Synthesis

The Custom Synthesis process requires the client to provide literature methods or their own synthetic route in which all details such as the reaction times, solvents, temperatures, analytical data, purification methods, yields, etc. are provided. If the client is unable to provide all of the technical information the R&S Chemicals chemistry team will evaluate the synthesis, determine the viability of the project than provide an estimate before the project is initiated. The cost estimate also provides a timeframe. Due to the unpredictable nature of synthetic chemistry all work is done on a best effort basis although with a success rate of over 95% we do have the skills to complete the requirements for most clients.


Contract Synthesis

Contract Synthesis process involves the client providing limited or no synthetic information. This process involves R&S Chemicals working on determining the best route of synthesis. The R&S Chemicals team will conduct literature research on target compounds or pertinent synthetic methods. We may conduct preliminary experiments to determine feasibility of the project and will provide an estimate of costs and time, before the project is initiated.
Our synthetic approach involves the assignment of a specified number of scientists dedicated to the project on a full-time basis. Samples of the intermediate compounds are available to the client at any stage of the project and all progress is regularly communicated to the client via meetings and written reports. Either party reserves the right to stop the project with advance notice. Upon the termination of the project, the client is provided with a report detailing the R&D conducted on the project (including literature search results, synthesis methods, purification methods, etc.). At the customer’s request we will also provide any available intermediate compounds that were prepared. The cost of the project on its completion or termination, irrespective of result, will be communicated to the client.