Contract Options

R&S Contract Options

Fixed Bid Contract

 A fixed quote price is provided for the project. This is payable only upon project completion.

 Intellectual property (IP) ownership depends on the agreement.

Time and Materials (T&M) Contract

 Here initial estimated quote for the labor and materials is provided but the client pays only for costs spent on time and materials.

 All IP is owned by the client.

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Contract

 The client may retain one or more of R & S chemicals's scientist to work on the designated projects full-time.The client is invoiced periodically (on a mutually agreed schedule) for the contracted amount. This also includes the cost for materials.

 All IP is owned by the client.The advantages of this type of contract are reliable capability, flexibility and efficiency.

Joint Venture Contract

 R & S Chemicals also offers joint venture contracts where both parties share the burden of the research and development.All IP is shared by both parties.

The Company Will Undertake

 Process and yield improvement to achieve economic or commercially acceptable levels of a desired substance

 The development of new routes to a needed compound

 Research to discover methods of synthesis for a new or required compound

 The synthesis of compounds that require multi step processes (5-15 steps)

 Consultational services both on- and off- site.